Cake Topper Basics

What is a Cake Topper?

In simple terms Cake Topper is typically a small model that sits on top of a Cake. Wedding Cake Toppers are the small figures that are placed on top of a Wedding Cake. These toppers represent the couple in a formal wedding dress and show their togetherness.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The wedding cake toppers traditionally are the bride in a white wedding dress, complete with veil, and the groom in black morning suit. Today there are many more cake topper designs available for the style and theme of the wedding.

At Global Cake Toppers we take the cake toppers to the next level by creating customized wedding cake topper based on Couple’s personality. Personalised wedding cake toppers can be traditional or comical depending on the couple’s hobbies, profession or passion. This is the reason why no two cake toppers are made equal as they are personalised to couple’s specifications. The cake toppers can be made of edible sugar-paste or non-edible polymer clay.

5 reasons why Polymer Clay Cake Toppers are better than edible Cake Toppers?

  • They are more durable and can be a perfect keepsake for life as they can cleaned regularly.
  • They can be ordered much in advance of the wedding
  • They are made of non-toxic clay so it is perfectly safe to keep on a wedding cake.
  • They are weather resistant so can be taken to extreme weather destinations i.e. to a hot tropical country or in a windy snowy Christmas weddings, these toppers can sustain both.
  • They are easy to carry even in the flight if it is for a remote destination wedding.

We believe every wedding is special and so should be the wedding cake topper. We specialize in making unique cake toppers that are perfectly handmade. We have a wide range of cake topper designs that we created for our customers in the past. It will surely give you a few ideas on what can be achieved in personalised cake toppers. We have prepared a detailed F.A.Q page if you have any questions about these cake toppers

So if you really looking forward to give a special touch to your wedding, order your personalised cake toppers online now. If you have questions on how to order or want to know more about the cake toppers, please send us an enquiry and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Not only Weddings but these cake toppers can also be ordered and personalised for other special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Communion or Christening. Please use the online order form to order your cake toppers for these other special occasions.

Why order from Global Cake Toppers ?


  • Every Cake topper is handmade and customized as per your specification.
  • We do not use any moulds and our focus on attention to detail make it premium product.
  • Our cake toppers can be ordered online from the comfort of your home or workplace.
  • The toppers are packaged and posted from Dublin with free registered delivery.
  • You may also collect the toppers from us (Knocklyon, Dublin) if the topper is ordered on a very short notice to save delivery time.