Cake Topper Basics

Everything about Cake Toppers You wanted to Know……

Not sure what that could be ? Or is it as straight-forward as it could get ? Regardless, enjoy a quick read…

Cake Toppers ? What are they ? What shapes and sizes they come in? Where they can be used ? Know all these and more. Read on…

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So what’s it the need to come up with a post on Cake Toppers. Who doesn’t know what it is ? We have seen it so many times at so many events. It has been there for so long and so popular.

Two reasons really !!!

First reason is quite obvious, provide as much information possible on cake toppers.

Many times I have been asked by my friends and family what Global Cake Toppers is all about.

I simply used to say that it is a place where you can get “Personalised Handmade Cake Toppers for any occasion, especially Weddings”. Quite a tagline, isn’t it ?

To my disbelief I had to explain to people what a Cake Topper is, They seem to confuse it with making cakes or some kind of topping made for the cake.

So here I am, summing up everything I know about Cake Toppers and presenting them in a most interesting (or less boring) way I can.

Second reason is that people who already know what a cake topper is have a fixed image.

I hope by the end of this post, your perspective would change. Moreover if you are looking to get one for your wedding or a special event, you may find a theme that perfectly suit yours.

OK, in real simple terms, a Cake Topper typically is a small model or a figurine made of sugarpaste or polymer clay that sits on top of a Cake, period.

It is a miniature form of a man and a woman or a pet or an object of interest that holds importance.

Image of a classic cake topper

Cake Topper for Wedding

As you know Cake Toppers could be used for just any occasion (and where a cake exists to celebrate) but somehow they are very popular in Weddings. As not only it represents the couple in a formal wedding dress but also shows their togetherness.

“Bride and Groom in their miniature form really looks cute & adorable thus adding a quirky touch to the Wedding”


Traditionally Wedding Cake Toppers have the bride in a white wedding dress, complete with veil, and the groom in black morning dress. However, nowadays couples want more from their cake topper than just two small figurines standing next to each other, emotionless.

Personalised Cake Toppers

So personalised cake toppers are the ones that resemble the wedding couple on their wedding day and match their dressing style, hair style, wedding flowers and other details.

“Personalised Cake Toppers bring out the personality and the emotions of a wedding couple perfectly”.

Image1    Image2

Couples can only use their imagination to create the cake topper of their choice that truly represent them. Afterall it is not only about the color of the dress or the hair style but many little things that make them unique.

What should be Cake Topper Theme for my Wedding ?

Well, it is very easy (and sometimes very very difficult) to decide a theme of your cake topper because the answer lies within you.

Just ask yourself, what is it that defines me, what is my passion, what is it I truly love (apart from my better half), what am I known as to my friends and family. Believe me, you have found your theme based on these questions.

Some are big into Sports and don’t hesitate to show off their favourite club jersey.


Some love their pets to the moon and back and for them the cake topper is incomplete without them.


For some, their family is their world and would like to capture each family member on their cake topper.


Those who find passion and solace in their profession, it is one thing that keeps them going. And it becomes the highlight of their cake topper.


Funny Cake Toppers are the most enjoyable to watch as it reveals the funny side of the couple and their positive outlook towards life.

Cake Topper for Communion 

You didn’t think personalised cake toppers are only used in Weddings, did you? Well, cake toppers are also very popular in a Holy Communion ceremonies. The highlight of the cake topper is of course the boy or the girl whose journey of sharing begins in a very spiritual way.

The Cake Topper for communions are also very novel and cute as the real highlight is a small boy or a girl.

Cake Topper for Big Birthdays

I feel every birthday is a special one regardless of age. Bu big Birthdays are always very very special as they are milestone birthdays.

They give you an opportunity for taking a break from not celebrating birthdays and throw a big party to meet your near and dear ones.

Many new special memories are created on such occasions and cherished for a lifetime.

A Cake Topper personalised for a Big Birthday is a perfect opportunity to reflect someone’s personality into a miniature form.

Images (100th birthday)