Frequently Asked Questions

Global Cake Toppers is an online Cake Topper company located in Dublin. We make personalised and handmade cake toppers primarily for Weddings and other special ocassions like Christening and big ‘O’ birthdays. We do not use any moulds and all our cake toppers can be ordered through our website If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us

They are hand-sculpted figurines made as per your specifications to match the dress style, skin tone, hairstyle etc. These cake toppers may also represent your profession, your hobbies, your theme of the wedding, your favorite car, your club, etc. The possibilities are endless. Anything that stands you apart we can make on your cake topper.
Each cake topper is made to order, based on the information provided by the customer. We try to ensure that the figures are modelled as close as possible to the people they will resemble. But they are NOT EXACT REPLICA of you, they may only resemble you. The cake toppers are made from nontoxic polymer clay which is baked at 130°C for 35 minutes. Once hardened the toppers are then varnished (if required) and the finishing touches are made. They are washable and to some extent heat and light resistant. These include beads, sparkles, gem stones and other materials so they will last forever as perfect keepsake.
We usually scale them down to 1/12th of the actual size [6-8 inches tall approx] or according to the customers specifications depending on the size of the cake the toppers are going on.
Your cake toppers are made with one of the best quality non-toxic polymer clay so you can clean them with a wet cloth and some cotton buds or fine brushes to remove any dust, they are heat and light resistant but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might fade them over years. A corner on your shelf or mantel is the best place for showcasing them and having them as a keepsake.
Prices for all the Cake Topper categories are listed on our prices page. The amounts shown are in euros and if you want to make a payment in a different currency than euro, please contact us to check the actual price after currency conversion.

You can reach us using any of the following options.

Please complete the Order Form and provide us with as much detail as you can like hair style for the day, flowers, tiara, veil, props related to your hobby or profession like guitar, laptops etc…. so that we can make the toppers to your exact specifications. Photos of the dress and people are always useful but not essential. Each topper is highly personalised so we would ask that you place your orders at least 6 months prior to the wedding date to ensure that we have time to sculpt your topper and post it to you in advance.

Toppers can be made at a short notice but we will have to confirm that we can meet your requirements as we are booked out in advance. We may apply rush charges to accomodate your order during peak season or during heavy demand. We will let you know when we apply these charges. You have the option to cancel the order if you do not wish to pay rush charges.

Once we receive the order we will send you an email with the order total and a PayPal email request for payment. On receipt of your payment your order will be confirmed by email.

Important Note:Please read our Terms and Conditions before placing your Order.

Once we receive the order details with photos we reserve dates for the toppers and work according to the wedding dates provided so that they are ready well in advance and dispatched within 2-4 weeks minimum prior to wedding date (only if we receive order 3-6 months prior to wedding day)

We first send an image of the toppers when they are done to confirm that you have liked them and that we have not missed out on anything. Once we receive your OK we then dispatch them by registered delivery so you have a tracking number. We can ask you to collect your cake toppers if it is a rush order. Kindly check with us if it is possible to deliver the cake toppers to you.

Ideally we need minimum 3-6 months of advance notice to make a cake topper. This is due to the fact that each cake topper is different and they are handmade. In case your wedding is between 3-6 months please contact us using Contact form. We will let you know if we can accommodate your order.

Once we receive the order we will send you an email with the order total and a PayPal email request for payment (if you have selected paypal payment method). On receipt of your payment (full or partial) your order will be confirmed by email. You can cancel the order anytime until we start the process to build your cake topper. Once the cake topper is ready, the order cannot be cancelled because every cake topper is personalised as per customer’s requirements. You can pay us either of the following options.

  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • Postal Draft
  • Cash on Collection
  • All the orders are delivered worldwide by Registered Courier or can be collected. We will give you the tracking number once the order is shipped and it can be tracked for delivery or collection.

    As every cake topper is personalised and unique, we do not offer refunds as every topper is custom made to order.

    Each cake topper is custom-made and no moulds are used whatsoever. Our gallery will testify that a lot of intricate work goes into each topper, the hair style details, flowers, jewellery and more we even color those tiny eyes for a realistic look . We have always tried to capture emotions in those figures by giving them various poses and our promise is that it would be one of the major attractions on your wedding cakes…….