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Online Workshop – Painting Portrait/Sun Flower/Butterfly on Cake

Hello Everyone….

Here we are with another tutorial from our Masterclas Tutorial Series on Global Cake Toppers.

This tutorial will shows all key techniques on how to Paint a portrait on a Cake. This is a very detailed step by step tutorial containing five videos.

In this video, you will learn,

– how to paint on Cakes
– right colours to choose to go on perfectly on cakes
– transferring designs on 3D shapes
– mixing colours in proportions and getting right consistency
– Blending them smoothly
– Creating realistic fur texture
– All finer details simplified so that a beginner can also paint like pro

Benefits of Online Video Tutorial

– Learn at your pace. Watch, pause, rewind any number of times you want.
– No need to leave your den, learn from your Home. No travel involved.
– Lifetime Access to Video removes any pressure to finish in time.
– Much Lower price than in-attendance Workshop.
– Never miss any useful instruction, secret tips and key techniques at your disposal anytime.

Cost: 45 Eur/ 3825 INR / 39 GBP / 55 USD

How does it Work:
Simply buy a ticket of this Online Workshop and we will send you the link of the video tutorials to your email provided at the time of purchase. You will get lifetime access to the tutorial for you to learn many and any number of times.


11 Apr 2021 - 27 Jan 2027



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