Bringing you another step-by-step tutorial of rolled sugarpaste pattern parrot.

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List of things:
  • Saracino Fuchia sugar paste {mixed with white to form light pink}
  • Saracino Azure sugar paste
  • Saracino Light Green sugar paste
  • Saracino Green sugar paste
  • Saracino Yellow sugar paste
  • Saracino Lilac sugar paste
  • Saracino Black sugar paste

Tools you need:

  • Rolling pin
  • Cutting wheel
  • Crafts knife

Step 1: Roll Fuchsia saracino sugar paste into a small sausage, roughly 2 inches long.

Step 2: Be gentle while rolling and make sure you don’t have any air bubbles or air locks in it
Step 3: Flatten some orange saracino with a rolling pin
Step 4: Keep the fuchsia sausage in the center and trim the sides of the orange sheet to the size of the sausage

Step 5: Now roll the orange sheet over the fuchsia as shown in the photo and cut the extra, make sure that its exactly the size of the sausage and not over lapping

Step 6: Roll lilac saracino sugar paste,approximately 0.5 mm thick
Step 7: This has to be thicker than your sheets that were rolled earlier
Step 8: Now place the log over the lilac

Step 9: Cut it to shape exactly the same way the orange sugar paste was cut and roll over the log

Step 10: Again roll a thin orange sheet and cover the log, this will go over the lilac
Step 11: Mix some yellow and light green to make lime green paste and then roll it into a thin sheet, cover the log with the lime green paste
Step 12: Press this log from one end to make a drop shaped log
Step 13: Now roll a very thin black sheet and cover the drop shaped log with it
Step 14: Mix some azure and green sugar paste to make turquoise and roll it
Step 15: Place the log over the turquoise
Step 16: Roll the paste well and seal the edges well
Step 17: To make the eye roll a small amount of black, cover with blue and the white as show in the picture
Step 18: Cover the eye {log} with black sugar paste
Step 19: Roll the turquoise sugar paste lengthwise
Step 20: Place the eye cane over it and roll it
Step 21: Cover that with thin black sugar paste sheet and make a nice round log
Step 22: Roll a small amount of fuchia into a thin cane

Step 23: Press on one side to form a drop shape

Step 24: Cover it with black sugar paste
Step 25: Cut it exactly in the centre and place a black strip in between
Step 26: Sandwich those two pieces back together to form the beak
Step 27: Place the beak in position
Step 28: Now slightly curl the tapered end of the body cane to form its tail
Step 29: Join the head and the body together
Step 30: Cover the front of the body with lime green sugar paste
Step 31: Also cover the head with the lime green sugar paste
Step 32: Roll a small sausage with lime green paste and place it exactly where the head finishes, as shown in the picture and then cover the rest with the lime green paste to form a nice round log
Step 33: Cover the log with thin fuchsia sugar paste

Step 34: Then cover the log with lilac paste

Step 35: Gently roll everything together and you are ready to slice it
Step 36: Slice using a sharp knife and you are ready to decorate your cake with these parrot patterns

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