honeycomb pattern final result

Hi there...Bringing you a step-by-step short tutorial for creating honeycomb pattern design using polymer clay or sugarpaste.

I have broken down the tutorial into six easy steps to create that perfect honeycomb shape pattern that you can use into your cake decorating or in any of your creation.

So make sure you have the required sugarpaste or clay in the colors you want to create this.

Please send your comments in the comments section.

Step 1: Create an ombre of pastel shades with yellow, peach,pink,fuschia and white

honeycomb pattern step 1

Step 2: Roll the sausage shaped ombre cane and cut in two pieces

honeycomb pattern step 2

Step 3: Keep rolling the cane and create multiples of them, then paste all of them together and roll

honeycomb pattern step 3

Step 4: Now cut that cane in four equal parts and paste together and roll

honeycomb pattern step 4

Step 5: Reduce it to the required size and check the pattern by slicing it

honeycomb pattern step 5

Step 6: Cover the cane with white sugar paste and cut into slices.

honeycomb pattern step 6

The pattern is now ready for decorations.