Little Penguin Figurine using sugarcraft

Hi there...Bringing you a step-by-step tutorial of cute penguin miniature figurine using sugarcraft.

I have broken down the tutorial into more than 50 steps so it is super easy for you to follow and not lose interest. This is a tutorial as detailed as it could get.

So make sure you have sugarpaste in all the colors and all the required tools listed below. It is quite frustrating you know if you don't have things handy while your hands are working magic.

I wish you all the best, I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed bringing this creation to you.

And yes, I have added a couple of my special tips at the end of the tutorial.

Please send your comments in the comments section.

List of things:
  • Sugar paste:
  • Saracino Pink sugar paste
  • Saracino Blue sugar paste
  • Saracino Red sugar paste
  • Saracino Skin sugar paste
  • Saracino Brown modelling chocolate
  • Saracino  White sugar paste
  • Saracino Black sugar paste
  • Others:
  • Cake Covering
  • Edible glue
  • Pink dust
  • Edible paints - White,brown,black,pink
  • Black edible pen
  • Cornstarch
  • 10” Round cake
  • Polystyrene cone
  • Envelope template

Tools you need:

  • Rolling pin
  • Crafts knife
  • Ball tool
  • Dresden
  • Shell tool
  • Soft modelling tools
  • Brushes
  • Mat
  • Heart cutter

Step 1: Condition some white saracino modelling paste

Step 2: Dust some cornstarch and prepare for rolling

Step 3: Roll it into a thin sheet using a rolling pin

Step 4: Place the envelope template over it and start cutting

Step 5: Fold the two sides

Step 6: Cut the bottom piece and keep aside

Step 7: Use any cylindrical box and mould the envelope around

Step 8: Glue the left over piece in such a way that the base is left hollow

Step 9: Remove the cylinder once the envelope is dry

Step 10: Take some skin tone saracino and condition it

Step 11: Roll it into an egg shape to form the head

Step 12: Using the ball tool make indents on either sides

Step 13: With the dresden tool shape the nose

Step 14: Mark the nostrils

Step 15: Using your dresden tool gently shape the lower lip and then the upper lip

Step 16: With a dresden tool or sharp knife open up the mouth to give that depth

Step 17: Shape the forehead and brow muscles to create expressions

Step 18: Finally finish the lips and make two dimples on either sides

Step 19: Add small amount of white modelling paste for the teeth

Step 20: Add small white balls for eyes and blend well, mark the eye lids

Step 21: Using brown modelling chocolate make tiny eyebrows and use a thin ball tool or needle tool to place them in place, use a bit of edible glue if required

Step 22: Blush the cheeks with pink edible dust and a bit around the forehead and nose

Step 23: Make thin eyelashes and eyelids using edible black pen

Step 24: Paint the iris of the eyes with light brown and white edible paints

Step 25: Paint the pupil of the eyes in black

Step 26: Finish the male and female heads and add a bit of gloss on lips if required

Step 27: Make the body for both male and female

Step 28: Roll some light blue modelling paste into a thin sheet

Step 29: Wrap around the male body to form the shirt and fold edges to make collar

Step 30: Add tiny dots for buttons

Step 31: Cut two rectangular pieces for the sleeves out of the same blue sheet

Step 32: Add folded thin cuffs to finish off the sleeves

Step 33: Attach the arms over the shoulders and blend well

Step 34: Attach the head to the neck, use a toothpick to keep it in place

Step 35: Add a small thick circular piece of black modelling paste over the head to make the hair

Step 36: Use a shell tool to make the texture of the hair

Step 37: Keep the figurine upright and let it set

Step 38: Glue the female body to the polystyrene cone and cover the cone with white modelling paste to make the skirt

Step 39: Now roll thin sheet of white modelling paste and make some frills and pleats

Step 40: Glue the pleated skirt around the waistline

Step 41: Now pleat a pink sheet of modelling paste and cover the white skirt

Step 42: Blend the skirt well with the upper body

Step 43: Cut a rectangular piece in pink with sweetheart neckline to make the bodice and glue it to the upper body, blend well at the back

Step 44: Make the hands and smooth the fingers to make them taper

Step 45: Glue the arms on the body and blend it over the shoulders

Step 46: Take some brown modelling chocolate and roll an elongated piece, then cut thin triangular strips and make plats

Step 47: Secure it over the head with some glue

Step 48: Add some fringes

Step 49: Texture the head with dresden tool

Step 50: Add some edible red gel colour to white modelling paste to make red or use ready red modelling paste

Step 51: Roll a thin sheet of the red paste and cut heart shapes using heart cutter

Step 52: Glue the hearts on the hands of the man

Step 53: Glue one heart on the envelope

Step 54: Place one heart over ochre square made with modelling paste to make the stamp

Step 55: Using black edible pen paint the print over the stamp

Step 56: Write any imaginary address to give a personal touch

Step 57: Cover a 10” round cake with cake covering and decorate with some hearts

Step 58: Now place the male figurine in the envelope and glue it over the cake, place the female figurine beside him and your "Valentine Cake” is now ready to be served with love

Tip #1
If you are not confident enough to write directly on the cake using edible pens then use a needle tool to write on the cake and then write with the pen over it, this will avoid any spelling mistakes and save time re-doing things.
Tip #2
Use tooth picks or cocktail sticks to secure the figurines on the cake along with some glue, this keeps the figurines safe while travelling with the cakes.