Step 55: Blend in the joints.

Step 56: Place the hat either on his hands or the base.

Step 57: Roll one small egg shaped ball

Step 58: Using your leaf tool press from both sides

Step 59: Spoon the tool in to make the mouth

Step 60: Add a tiny oval ball for the nose and from the sharp end of the tool make the central nose line.

Step 61: With the ball tool mark the position of the eyes

Step 62: Place two tiny black balls for the eyes

Step 63: Roll two elongated balls for the hands and mark the lines to make his paws

Step 64: Glue it on either side of the hat as if the little rabbit is peeping out from it.

Step 65: Make small leaf shape in white marzipan and another tiny leaf shape over it.

Step 66: Press in the center with the leaf tool

Step 67: Glue both the ears in place

Step 68: Add a tiny black ball for the nose

Step 69: Put a small pink piece in the mouth and again blend in well

Step 70: For the magic stick, take a small wire and cover with black marzipan

Step 71: Cover the base with an uneven texture.

Step 72: Use brown and black air brush colours starting with brown and then blending the black in the shadowed areas

Step 73: Airbrush the little rabbit too

Step 74: Dust the monkey with gold dust to give an antique finish.

Step 75: Similarly dust the rabbit and the base too

Step 76: Place everything in place and your marzipan monkey is ready for some magic

Magic Monkey using Marzipan Tutoroial